About Miss Drepants


Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein

I have been an artist and a writer since before I can remember. No wait, before that. With memories that jump rope between the fence of reality and daydream. Vivid and fuzzy. And the imagination to match.

Committed to not only thinking outside of the box, but also letting that box know it can be any shape it chooses to be. I am constantly reaching inside my mind and down through my toes to find the most interesting and overlooked details. The things that make each feat feel like an adventure and each idea feel like the beginning of something great. I live my life passionately, with my mind constantly sprinting towards the next adventure.

My adventures have taken me in various directions. Writer. Designer. Painter. Curator. Entrepreneur. Baker. The common thread? Making words, images, goodies. Filled with passion. My life mantra is to continue making, growing and evolving yet never losing the little girl who lives in a daydream.

The next mission? To share that passion and energy with the world. To incorporate my varied skill sets into pretty, individualized little packages that help each person realize that what they bring is incredibly unique and special. Inspire. Create. Teach. Encourage. Share.

Some minds & hands I adore…

Jim Henson / Jenny Saville / Michel Gondry / Annie Leibovitz / Frida Kahlo / Egon Schiele / Yoshitomo Nara / Thomas Campbell / Robert Rauschenberg / Yayoi Kusama / Diane Arbus / Shepard Fairey / Barry McGee / Margaret Kilgallen / Pablo Picasso / Alice Neel / Richard Avedon / Rene Magritte / Malcolm Liepke / Diana Vreeland

Always feel free to reach out and say hello!