Product Peek: Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque.

MissDrepants_Blog_APClarifyingMasque06Ok. Let’s talk clay masques.

My first introduction to the wonderful world of clay was none other than Miss Queen Helene herself. Remember? Those bulging white tubes, green top, green writing. A bit of a battle to squeeze out. Almost like spreading spackle on your face. A bit of a commitment considering you could not talk or move your face for the next 15 minutes. I remember putting it on and feeling giddy and terrified. Clean pores and a face that felt tighter than a pair of Spanx.

Onward to new discoveries. Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque. Swooooon. A masque with all of the benefits of a clay masque, without the uncomfortably tight feeling or irritation. Detoxifying. Soothing. And dare I say, even a bit hydrating. I can fully vouch that this masque is great for all skin, even those of us who are prone to sensitivities or skin reactions. I love using this not only as a once a week treatment but also as my go to spot treatment whenever I feel a blemish coming on. The best part? So non-drying that I can still carry a full on conversation and even (gasp) laugh while I am letting it do its thing.

Favorite way to use: Cleanse the skin. Spritz a bit of toner. Apply thin layer of masque all over the face, enough to give you a ghostly white face, but no need to glob on. Avoid getting too close to the eye area. Find your favorite spot in the house, kick your feet up and relax for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with tepid water. For spot treatment, follow your regular night time regimen and dot wherever you have a blemish or first signs of a blemish coming on. That’s right. Straight up high school style. Cleanse off the following day during your morning regimen.

Regimen-dation: Apply all over once a week. Spot treat anytime. Cleanser. Toner. Masque. Rinse with warm water. Toner. Serum. Moisturizer.

Main Ingredients: Kaolin & Bentonite Clay (Detoxes & Exfoliates). Ginseng (Antioxidant / Healing). Ginger (Antibacterial). Water Lily (Brightener / Astringent).

Pros: Multifunctional (Great for pore maintenance and drying out active blemishes). Gentle for all skin types.

Cons: Packaging still holds a handful of applications even when you think you’ve squeezed it all out. Don’t panic. Just cut the top of the tube and scoop out what you can. My suggestion? Get yourself one of those little plastic cups with a lid to store it in.

Handy Tip: I love to follow my Clarifying Masque with the Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel. That way I know that I have done both my detox masque and exfoliation for the week.

MUST or BUST? Scale of 1 – 10: A strong 10 on the MUST scale.

What’s your favorite way to detox your skin and battle pesky blackheads? Share your tips below!