Besthie Esthie Tips: Post Travel Mini Treatment.

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel01Just got back from a wonderful trip to Spain with the hubby. Madrid. Mmmm Madrid.

Tapas. Vino. Cafe con leche. And maybe a postre here and there.  I cannot tell a lie, I am rockin’ those stretchy pants this week but it was worth every second. I ate bacalhau for days in a row (literally every day we were there) and may have slipped back into my 3 cups of coffee a day adicción. Sounds so much better than addiction, doesn’t it?

Thing about traveling is this. It’s a small dose of straight up anarchy. Think about it.

New time zones, shifting sleep patterns or perhaps not sleeping at all. Most often you don’t think to bring your skincare regimen, and there’s complete disregard for your normal food intake. Seriously, who says no to real jamon con manchego. And water when you’re surrounded by some of the best wine in the world? Mmmm. Not likely.

Fact. That can wreak complete havoc on your skin. As it did on mine.

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel02What I’ve noticed post trip? My skin has not only been dry and dehydrated, it’s been begging for a cleaning. Blackheads and breakouts is not a souvenir I’m looking to keep. I’ve noticed that as much as I continued to drink my morning juice the entire time I was there, my shift in eating made quite the difference as well. Cheese galore has also equaled breakouts-a-plenty. Not the panic button type breakouts, but enough to notice. As for the complete lack of water and decaffeinated tea? All I can tell you is my skin has been raising its angry fist at me ever since.

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel03The silver lining in all this? It’s inspired me to put together a set of must-dos post your travels. While I recommend hopping off the plane straight to your bestie esthie, there’s not always enough time. I get it. Still we want to give our skin a bit of TLC after all it’s been through.

So this here mini treatment’s a good place to start till you can book a facial:

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel04Choose a product that dissolves blackheads and residue. I’m currently using New Zealand Volcanic Clay by The Face Shop. While I love what it does and that it gets all warm and tingly, I’m on the search for something more natural. Spot treat the area where those blackheads have set up camp and let it sit a while. 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse off.


Feel free to push things around a bit. Gently. Some of that congestion will come out naturally. Awesome. But always remember the Golden Rule. No extractions. Seriously, no squeezing ladies. Leave that to your bestie esthie, wherever they may be. Direct contact and aggressive pressure to the skin, especially when it hasn’t been properly prepared or cleansed, can be quite damaging. We wouldn’t want any unnecessary scars now would we. Rinse and pat dry.

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel06 Get your clay masque out. Don’t be shy. Spread it all over. Could you spot treat? Sure. But give yourself that self pamper time. Maybe even put your feet up. 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse well.

* If you find your skin is still inflamed or freaking out, feel free to repeat the clay masque once more during that first week to soothe things down a bit.

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel08aEnd your mini treatment with some gentle exfoliation. My favorite exfoliator to date is still Amore Pacific’s Enzyme Peel. Why? It’s gentle and non-abrasive and doesn’t cause my skin to erupt in a fit of red rage. That’s A-okay by me. Look at that skin, feels brandie new.

(Some folks like to exfoliate then apply a clay masque. Others vice versa. I say try it both ways. See what works for you.)

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel10aFinal steps. Rinse. Tone. Apply serum. Moisturize. Leave your face makeup free so it’s got some time to breathe. Take the rest of the afternoon to unwind, it’ll be our little secret!

MissDrepants_Blog_PostTravel11Product Review: New Zealand Volcanic Mask / Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque / Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel

Some Extra Besthie Esthie Tips:

Drink Water. I’m talking lots. And even more than that. Lack of sleep, dehydrating beverages like coffee and wine, and stuffy airplane air can act like little recurring nightmares if you don’t nip them in the bud. The trick is to keep a visual of your goal at all times. Grab yourself a big ole gallon of water and keep it on your desk. And no you are not allowed to leave till it’s all gone.

Get Your Beauty Sleep. Time zone changes seem like no big deal but whether you’re a sci-fi geek or not, time travel can really wear you out. It’s not even just about puffy eyes or dark circles, lack of sleep causes aging. Believe it. Your nightly zzzz’s are when your body gets a chance to repair itself and work out the damage we’ve caused it during the day. Without that it’s buh-bye to collagen and elastin repair and helloooo to fine lines and wrinkles.

Alright my dear, you’re ready to face the world.

Ps. A HUGE thanks to my husband for being incredibly helpful with my photos for this post and being as excited about that blackhead closeup as I was! Swoon goes my heart!

What are your favorite post-travel practices? Share your tips below!