Brit + Co: 10 Must-Follow Skin Care Tips for 2015.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to banish bad habits and create some quirky and productive new ones. You’ve probably got your main bases covered by now: exercise, organization and work and life balance. But you’re pore-bably missing one essential piece to the puzzle — your face! When was the last time you amped up that skincare routine? Chances are, it’s been a while. Time to shake things up, ladies! We’ve got 10 ways to get all skincare boot camp on yourself.

1. Learn How to Wash Your Face: It sounds pretty simple, right? You’ve been doing this a long time, but chances are you’re committing at least one of the face-washing no-no’s. Read carefully and let’s start that routine off right. (via Women’s Health Magazine)


2. Skin Care 101: Toners: It’s so simple, yet so overlooked. Finding the right toner is like finding Mr. Right. It may take a while, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Here’s a good place to start. (via PopSugar)


3. What Every 20-Something Should Know: Ahhhh to be young and (ahem) innocent. We’ve been there, and we’ve realized it’s better to kick those bad habits before they kick you. (via Bustle)


4. Neck to Neck: Oh, the neck… we always forget the neck. That’s probably why it’s one of the easiest spots to tell what someone’s true age is. Start spreading that serum and lotion a little further south. (via


5. Keep It Simple: There’s no need to bombard your face with every product in your vanity. Pick a select few that work and stick to them. We’re going for skincare regimen, not a hygiene hijack. (via Harpers Bazaar)


6. Go Au Natural: While we may love our most glam makeup styles, even we have to admit that the natural makeup look is classic and easy, plus it gives your skin a break from all those products. (via NY Mag)


7. Habits That Make Your Esthie Crazy: Who likes being lectured? No one, that’s who! Avoid these skincare no-no’s, or suffer the wrath of your trusted esthetician. (via Total Beauty)


8. Skin Care 101: Spot Treatment: Breakouts are never welcome, but we promise you’ll be less likely to freak out if you’ve got one of these trusty spot treatments on your side. They’re strong, effective and to the point — just how we like it. (via PopSugar)


9. Remember the Forgotten Ones: Ears and hands are often tossed aside when it comes to skincare or SPF. Don’t forget to cover all those bits and pieces. It only takes a couple seconds more to get full-on skin TLC. (via Byrdie)


10. Drop Those Bedtime Beauty Mistakes: Gabbing on the phone before bed sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. Going to sleep with bacteria on your face will definitely lead to an uh-oh moment in the morning. (via

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