Brit + Co: 12 Beauty Hacks for Fuller Lips.

We all dream of fabulously full flappers. No matter how many sleepovers we’ve been to, or how many beauty hacks we’ve exchanged, we have yet to find the most tried and true methods to get all Angelina Jolie up in here… until now. Whether you’re going for the plump and nude lip look or you want to stop traffic with those glossy, hot pink lips, we’ve got 12 essential beauty tips for you. Throw on some Sir Mix-A-Lot and get to plumpin’ with these 12 beauty hacks.


1. Exfoliate With Cinnamon: This two-trick pony removes dry, dead skin off your lips while cinnamon gets things moving, delivering a double whammy of circulation. Prepare to plump. (via All Women Stalk)


2. Three Easy Ways to DIY Full Kylie Jenner Lips: Concealer on your lips? It’s not crazy — it’s one of the first steps in completely redesigning those pouty puckers. (via Brit + Co)


3. The Fuller Lip Effect: We haven’t thought about our philtrum since high school anatomy, but boy are we glad to see it! (via The Beauty Department)


4. Fuller Lips Trick: Rock your au natural with a side of faux natural. The secret? Liquid highlighter, meet cupid’s bow. It’s so natural, you may even fool yourself! (via By Celina)


5. Finishing Touch: You’ve got your cupid’s bow shaped to perfection and your nude in just the right shade. The last step? Finish the job with a plumping formula. Make sure that top coat has a touch of shine and sass. (via The Fashion Spot)


6. Bright Lips 101: Want bigger lips, but not willing to go nude? There’s no need to compromise when you’ve got highlighting powder on your side. (via Harpaars Bazaar)


7. Get Glossy: It’s all smoke and mirrors on this one, ladies. Keep it reflective in order to create that larger-than-life illusion. Wanna go bigger? Say “heck no” to matte. (via Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily)


8. Get Kylie Jenner’s Overdrawn Lips Without Looking Crazy: Remember when overdrawing your lips was totally ’90s? Kylie Jenner brought it back, full on Kardashian style. (via XO Vain)


9. Whistle While You Work: Three to five minutes a day is all you need to build those lip muscles. (via Station Health)


10. Lip Vacuums: Oh, they’re real. The results are still up for the jury to decide, but we can’t think of a quirkier way to get our plump on. Be the first kid on the block with this conversation piece. (via Breakfast With Audrey)


11. Beauty or Bullsh*t: We love it when Carly Cardellino puts beauty hacks to the test. Find out what she thinks about all this fuller-lip nonsense. (via Cosmopolitan)


12. DuWop Lip Venom ($16): When in doubt, reach for the classics. Not every lady wants to put venom on her lips, but those who do will never look back.

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