Feng Shui Creative: Dancing Through The Winter Solstice.

MissDrepants_Blog_FSC_PianoFeetWinter Solstice.

It’s cold and gray and everyone seems grumpy all the time. And it’s as contagious as last year’s flu. Oy.

On December 21st, we will have only 9 hours and 32 minutes of daylight.

For some reason, I don’t feel very Feng Shui-ey right now.

But this happens like clockwork every single December. So this year I’ve decided to tame the winter blues with a handful of Feng Shui.

The Winter Solstice is not only the shortest day but also the longest night of the year. While that’s excellent news for you night owls, some of us can be left feeling like a droopy flower that hasn’t seen enough sunlight.

I’ve put my mind to bunking the funk this Winter Solstice.

Click here to see what I’ve figured out!

Ps. I am beyond excited to collaborate with Susan of Feng Shui Creative! We are co-authoring some incredible new content for her website and I would love to invite you all into to check it out! Not only is Susan an amazing person, but she is also an expert Feng Shui coach whose mission is to: “Feng Shui the World, one person at a time.” Swoon.