Feng Shui Creative: The Final Countdown.

FinishLine_FengShuiCreativeGuess who’s made it to the end of her cleanse?!? (One guess)

Yeah okay, so I’ve got 4 more days, but work with me here. It’s so close I can taste it.

The Final Countdown: If you want to indulge me musically, click this link and turn the volume up (or down if you are at work or at the doctor’s office.)

Cleanses have been part of my life for the past two years, and I’m happy to say that it gets easier every time. Not because I’ve stopped loving those delicious goodies, but because I realize I won’t wither away if I go sans a cafe au lait for a few weeks.

Fact: If you do anything for 21 days, it becomes habit. 
A cleanse is no exception. The thought of eliminating sugar and caffeine seems almost blood curling at first, right? But once you’ve hit week 2, you can look chocolate straight in the eye and say, “Not today chocolate. Not today.”

Seriously, a cleanse doesn’t mean that you can’t sneak a bag of Terra Chips (of the non-gluten potato variety) once or twice. Just pick your binges wisely. Then eat the heck out of them, with full joy.

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Ps. I am beyond excited to collaborate with Susan of Feng Shui Creative! We are co-authoring some incredible new content for her website and I would love to invite you all into to check it out! Not only is Susan an amazing person, but she is also an expert Feng Shui coach whose mission is to: “Feng Shui the World, one person at a time.” Swoon.