Feng Shui Creative: Finding Your Oneness.


The other day I was waiting for the train and noticed a child aimlessly roaming around. Where were his parents?? I saw what might be a parent, but that person was in full distraction mode. Instantly I felt myself become hyper aware of the child, keeping my laser focus on him. Kinda like Professor X.

I didn’t judge. I was so focused on his well-being that nothing else mattered.

The best part was when I became aware of my surroundings, I noticed that everyone else was incredibly focused on him too. Their “guardian” mode was ON. Without words, we all became “momentary parents” on that subway platform. Nodding and smiling at each other once the child was under his parent’s scope again.

Total strangers united as ONE in that moment.

It made me realize that in this whole big world filled with actions and distractions, at our core and in our essence, we are all united. We all want the same things.

We all want want to feel like we’re a part of something bigger.

I couldn’t have asked for a better time for this reminder as I am full blown into the second week of my cleanse.

Check out how this all relates to cleansing here!

Ps. I am beyond excited to collaborate with Susan of Feng Shui Creative! We are co-authoring some incredible new content for her website and I would love to invite you all into to check it out! Not only is Susan an amazing person, but she is also an expert Feng Shui coach whose mission is to: “Feng Shui the World, one person at a time.” Swoon.