Feng Shui Creative: Happy Holidays, With A Side of Tough Love.

MissDrepants_FSC_ToughLoveYou’ll often hear me refer to December as the perfect time of year to focus on yourself. It’s counterintuitive as you’re probably running around right now like a mad person, trying to get everything done before 2014 disappears.

Or maybe you’ve already exhausted yourself and entered a catatonic state of denial.

I’ve already visited both extremes this month. Hey I’m human too.

There’s one important detail I want you to remember before we hit holiday havoc.

This is your time.

With winter being a season perfectly fitting for quiet introspection, it makes me crazy as a Feng Shui coach to see all of my clients running around in circles with every end-of-the-year responsibilities you can think of. No self care time whatsoever.

I get it. That’s just the way it goes, right?

Not on my clock! I’m putting my foot down. (Gently and lovingly) But it’s down. And it’s firmly planted. I will not lift it back up until you’ve agreed to three simple rules that you must follow to get through this holiday season.

Or you can just miss out on a year full of abundance. It’s up to you. 

Click here if you want to start the new year off on the right foot.

Ps. I am beyond excited to collaborate with Susan of Feng Shui Creative! We are co-authoring some incredible new content for her website and I would love to invite you all into to check it out! Not only is Susan an amazing person, but she is also an expert Feng Shui coach whose mission is to: “Feng Shui the World, one person at a time.” Swoon.