The Happiness of Pursuit: Mystery Snail Mail.

MissDrepants_Blog_MysterySnailMailEver experience those moments where you are as certain as apple pie that the universe is speaking to you? Where everything stops and you know that the sky is winking right at you. Yeap. You. Today was one of those moments for me.

I received a phone call from my mama bear this morning letting me know that she was dropping off a package that had been delivered to one of our old residences. Our neighbor of many years was sweet enough to call and let her know I had received something. (Thank you neighbor!) Perfect reason for a cafezinho! Cah-feh-zeeen-yo. That’s Portuguese for “little coffee”. She mentioned that it looked like a book or something.

When I hung up I ran through my list of possibilities. Did I order something from Amazon and completely forget? Is today some sort of holiday that has slipped my mind? Was it shipped to me by accident?

When she came we put the package aside, got our cafezinho on, and played a bit of catch up. The minute she left I ran to the package. Yeap. Feels like a book. Yeap addressed to me. Nope. Still no clue. And when I opened it and saw not only the contents, but the note that came with it, my heart smiled. And I knew that I was being winked at during that exact moment.

Inside this piece of mystery snail mail was a book by Chris Guillebeau called “The Happiness of Pursuit”. Not from anyone I know and I am 100% sure I never ordered it. To be honest, I didn’t even know it existed. The book is by an author who wrote The $100 Startup which I thoroughly recommend, but I had no idea he had written another book.

The beautiful part was that it only came with a note that asked me to enjoy it and write a review.

Call it a wink. Call it a gift. Call it a sign. The idea that this particular book fell into my lap at this particular time is absolutely mind blowing. Not only have I been on a journey towards doing what I love but I also have been focusing a good chunk of that journey towards writing which has always been my first passion. And here’s this book. About pursuing happiness. In my lap. With a note that asks me to read it and WRITE about it. Amazing.

I’m not sure anyone can fully explain why signs like this happen at any given moment but I will say that my energy has been really on point this week. I feel connected. I feel aware. I feel alive. I’m finding that I keep saying to myself (and to others)  “I’m READY”. I’ve said it several times. And with each time I say it, I feel this pull forward. I’ve consciously made the decision to take action and to ask the universe for what I want. And it has been loving and kind enough to respond. And for that dear Universe, I thank you.

Check back for my thoughts on “The Happiness of Pursuit” and in the meantime find the happiness in your own pursuits! We’ve all got something we’re working towards, right? I encourage you to really sit with yourself in a quiet place and figure out what those pursuits look like. And if you’re ready, share them with us below!