Ode To Skin.


I heart skin. Big time.

Why you ask? Well for one, your skin is the ultimate guardian of all that is you. All of the bits and pieces that are you, are all being held together and protected by your beautiful skin, which is also your largest organ. And while many of us have been known (ahem, yours truly) to take it for granted, it really is a phenomenal organism. Here are just a few reasons why…

Good things stay in, bad things stay out: Not only does skin make sure that it keeps bacteria and pathogens out of the body, it also makes sure that water and important nutrients stay in the body.

Temperature stays at an all-time awesome: Your skin is smart enough to self regulate. That’s right. While jackets are swell, the skin is quite talented at keeping the body insulated when it gets chilly outside, and cooling it off on those warmer than warm days.

Feel the sensation: What’s an afternoon walk without feeling the sunshine on your face and a cool breeze on your cheeks? With thousands of nerve receptors, your skin is what allows you to feel hugs, a kiss on the cheek, and the almighty weekly massage. That alone is enough to be eternally grateful!

Tell tale signs: Whether we appreciate it or not, the skin is always going to let us know when something is not quite right. Lack of proper nutrition. Stress. Hormones. Lack of sleep. Dehydration. Imbalanced lifestyle. Your skin tells all. If something seems a bit off in your skin, it is a clear indicator that you need to give yourself a bit more TLC.

Built in handyman: This may be one of my favorites! How cool is this? If you happen to find yourself injured, (as us clumsy folk do from time to time), your skin knows to jump right in and repair itself. Seriously! If that doesn’t satiate the sci-fi geek in you, I don’t know what will!

Without further ado, I unveil my ode to skin. Join me as we investigate all the reasons we heart it and all the ways we can say thank you for being so great!

Why do you think skin is awesome? Share your thoughts below!