Product Peek: Rosewater Glycerin.


Picture this. Slow motion film. Beautifully pink rose petals being tossed onto your face. The feel of velvety petals kissing your cheek and filling the air with the smell of dainty Sunday walks. Ahem. Okay. Fine. It’s true. I adore the smell of roses. The best part? Rose is phenomenal for the skin! And rosewater? Well. You decide.

Why is rosewater so great? It’s an anti-inflammatory, meaning it calms skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. It’s an antioxidant so it helps strengthen skin cells and regenerates tissue. Also an astringent. Because it is a mild astringent, rosewater also helps to treat seborrheic dermatitis. Oh, not impressive enough? What if I told you that it also helps to heal acne scars. Let that sit with you for a bit.

What’s the big deal about glycerin? It’s most famous for it’s humectant properties, meaning that it draws moisture into the skin from the environment. Pretty neat, huh? It also protects skin from irritants and helps with skin regeneration. Oh yeah, and it’s antimicrobial. Sweeeeeeet.

MissDrepants_Blog_PP_RosewaterGlycerin08The two together?!? Whoa. Whoa. And whoa. This has become one of my favorite go-to products. It started off as my toner and has made its way into my regimen not only as that, but as a skin refresher when I need that little oooomph. And it’s become a staple on the days when I apply powder and want to set it and give it that dewy glow. The truth is. I’m addicted. Sometimes I spray it on. Just because I can.

What changes have I noticed? Since i’ve started using this regularly, I have noticed is that my hypersensitive skin is not so sensitive. And on the days that it does get out of hand, the rosewater glycerin quickly simmers it down. I am getting much fewer breakouts and when I do, it’s gone in a matter of days. (With the help of my Clarifying Masque of course). I have also noticed that I am using much less product since my skin is much more hydrated.

Favorite way to use: Cleanse the skin. Dry. Spray rosewater mist on skin in the place of toner -or- right after toner. Repeat as many times as you would like. Follow with your regular regimen.

Regimen-dation: Best used after every face cleansing. If you wash once a day, use once. Twice a day, use twice.

Main Ingredients: Rosewater (Calming & soothing). Glycerin (Hydrating).

Pros: Extremely gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin. Smells delightful. Like having rose petals thrown at you.

Cons: (Pause). I cannot think of one con. Not-a-one.

MissDrepants_Blog_PP_RosewaterGlycerin06Handy Tip: Don’t be shy! Get in there and douse yourself in this stuff! Look for it in a spray bottle for easy-peasy application. Best place to look? Wholefoods or your local health food stores. Try to get ones that don’t have too many other ingredients. These two do the trick on their own.

MUST or BUST? Scale of 1 – 10: A strong 10 on the MUST scale.

What’s your favorite way to douse yourself in rose water? Share your thoughts below!