Product Peek: Nourish Organic Replenishing Argan Oil Balm.

Miss Drepants, Argan, OrganicArgan Oil or BUST. Who’s with me?

I’m not sure who first introduced me to Argan Oil aka Liquid Gold, but it was straight up heart at first site. And it’s been so ever since. Silky dense texture, nutty undertones, instant hydration. Yes please. Bet your knickers that on any given evening, yours truly can be found smearing it all over my face and neck. Wishing for a never-ending fountain à la Argan. Or simply an Argan tree.

Why so obsessed with Argan? My official go-to for just about everything, Argan oil can be used on all your bits and pieces: under eye, face, cuticles, feet. You name it. Deliciously dense, this oil will dive into your skin almost as though it’s going for a lovely afternoon swim. Not only does it not joke around when it comes to hydration, but it’s also super soothing on irritated or damaged skin. If that’s not cool enough, some of us (ahem) even love to use it as our one and only hair care product. Frizzy hair? Don’t think so.

Latest addition to my à la Argan carte: Nourish Organic’s Replenishing Argan Oil Balm. A blend with Sweet Orange and Palmarosa. Yum.

Who is Nourishing Organics? Pioneers in the world of organic beauty. Since 2003 they’ve been creating chemical-free, environmentally friendly skincare. Want proof? USDA Organic. OTCO Seal of Organic Integrity. CCIC Leaping Bunny Program for cruelty-free standards. Gluten-free. Vegan. In 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Content. Bam. And there you have it. Their motto? Good for you. Good for the Earth.

Miss Drepants, Argan, OrganicFavorite way to use:

Face: Can be used AM or PM (Balm is more PM friendly). Cleanse your skin. Spritz some toner on. If you’ve got a favorite serum, go ahead and put some on. Let it absorb. Apply a thin (No really, I mean thin) layer of balm on several areas. Balm is generally thick so a little goes a long way. One swipe to the left cheek bone. One swipe to the right cheek bone. Quick swipe on the chin. One pass on the forehead area. And if you’ve got a case of dry lips, go ahead and put some on there as well. Gently massage into the skin and pat into the under eye area.

Miss Drepants, Argan, OrganicSpecial Tip: Always be extra gentle around the eye area.

Miss Drepants, Argan, OrganicBody: Can be used AM or PM. Get a little body exfoliation in beforehand. Think dry brushing or brown sugar and olive oil in the shower. (Yum!) Towel off. Apply a thin layer to any dry areas. Again, swipe onto your dry areas. Massage into skin. Ps. Perfect for dry or cracked heels. Especially before you hop into bed.

Regimen-dation: Great addition to your cabinet for these upcoming winter months. Apply anytime you feel a little dry skin creeping out. Favorite time to douse? PM.

Miss Drepants, Argan, OrganicMain Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil (Humectant / Antioxidant). Organic Beeswax (Seals in Moisture / Anti-Inflammatory). Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (Antioxidant / Soothing). Organic Argan Nut Oil (Nourishing / Antioxidant / Anti-Aging).

Miss Drepants, Argan, OrganicPros: Environmentally awesome in every way. Super convenient balm holder. Squirting straight oil on your hands is not your thing? Here’s your go-to product. Great for everyone. Can be used by all for the body and hair. For use on the face, stick to this product if you have normal to dry skin, and remember to use sparingly. Slight scent but not overbearing. Packed with tons of yummy other oils that will keep you all hydrated and glowy this season. Great price point. ($19.99)

Cons: A bit too thick for those with oily skin. The silver lining? You can still use it on your body and hair!

Handy Tip: Do not store warm places. If you are using it on both face and body, grab yourself one balm for each. Go ahead. You deserve it! Label one F and the other B. We can’t be having any of that cross contamination going on.

MUST or BUST? Scale of 1 – 10: A strong 8 on the MUST scale.

What’s your go-to Nourish Organics product? Share your faves below!