The Importance of Toner.

MissDrepants_Blog_ImportanceOfTonerTo tone or not to tone? That. Is. A pretty common question.

Toner. So misunderstood. So overlooked. Yet such an important part of each and every regimen. Client after client has confessed that they don’t see the big deal in skipping toner. And so as a self proclaimed ambassador for toner, I just wanted to clear a few things up.

What does it actually do? Toner has a few important roles.

The most common you’ve probably heard of is balancing the pH of the skin. Why is it important to have skin that is properly balanced? If your skin is too acidic or alkaline, it will start acting out, like an angsty teenager. It can either become dry and irritated, or can go into full on oil overproduction. You never know which you will be lucky enough to experience. It is also great for decreasing sensitivities.

Removes any debris that you may have missed. Of course you don’t go around sticking your face in construction sites or dirt, but let’s remind ourselves of the usual suspects. Makeup and cleanser that is not properly removed. A not so usual suspect? Water. That’s right. There are microscopic particles and minerals in the water you are cleansing your face with that can also cause dryness and irritation in the skin. If you’ve ever traveled to another city or state and found that your face and body feel tight, itchy or a bit grimy after a shower, that is most likely the reason why. It is crucial to tone your skin when you are off on your fabulous travels.

Your products will penetrate more efficiently. Even if you are lucky enough to not feel the effects of imbalanced skin, (how bionic of you!) making sure your skin is clean and balanced is important in making sure that all of those products that you have taken the time to research and invest in, are soaking into the skin evenly.

Picking the right toner. Finding the right toner is kind of like finding a bestie. You will come across those that will be too drying and irritating to the skin and you will choose to toss it away and never look at it again. Other toners, will not do enough and you will feel deceived and disheartened. But the right toner is out there for you. I promise. You just have to know what to look for.

*If you have normal to dry skin, you want to stick to a toner that has hydrating properties. One of my personal favorites is Sulwhasoo’s Balancing Water.

*For oily skin types, you want to stick to something a bit more astringent that contains tea tree or salicylic acid. LaRoche Posay’s Effaclar Toner is effective yet gentle. I have also heard great things about Kate Somerville’s Clarifying Toner. Or you can stick to good ole witch hazel which always does the job.

*If you have sensitive skin (like yours truly), you want to stick to toners that are more natural as well as hydrating. I absolutely adore Rosewater Glycerin! It smells delicious and comes in a handy spray bottle that ensures minimal rub and scrub on my skin.

*For those who want to focus on a toner with anti-aging properties, my hands down recommendation is to invest in Amore Pacific’s Time Response Toner. It is gentle, hydrating and smells amazing!

Friendly tip: Whatever you do. Steer clear of toners with alcohol. And tone after each time you cleanse your face.

While finding your toner bestie may seem like a bit of work, I promise you that it is well worth it!

What’s your favorite toner and why? Share your tips below!